Sitemap - 2023 - North Dakota's Watchdog Update

Audio: Talk of the Town (March 17th, 2023)

Audio: KFYR Watchdog Wednesday (March 15th, 2023)

Audio: Jay Thomas Show (March 15th, 2023)

Alert: Governor Burgum Should Veto HB 1082

Bank President Reacts To Concerns Raised By Watchdog

Initiated Measure Modernization Act Defeated

HCR 3020 House Debate On Extended Sessions

HCR 3031 Floor Debate on Modernizing The Initiated Measure Process

HCR 3019 House Floor Debate on Term Limits

The Week Ahead (March 13th, 2023)

Is the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank a harbinger for North Dakota?

Carbon Pipeline Backlash Is Overwhelming Local Officials

Audio: KFYR Watchdog Wednesday with Ed Schafer

Media Alert: Hosting KFYR This Afternoon

The Week Ahead (March 6th, 2023)

Forum Editorial: Legacy Fund Trajectory Unsustainable

Ed Schafer: Original Intent of Legacy Fund Has Been Lost

KFYR's Watchdog Wednesday (March 1st, 2023)

Auditor Fight Demands Solutions, Here Are Two

North Dakota Shark Tank Program Embraces ESG and DEI

PSC to Hold Four Public Hearings for Proposed Carbon Pipeline Project

Watchdog's 2023 Cross-Over Round-Up

The Week Ahead - March 1st, 2023

Legislature Today w/ Dale Wetzel (February 27th, 2023)

Watchdog Watch-List of Passed Legislation At Crossover

Discussing Term Limits and Property Taxes w/ Joel Heitkamp

Watchdog Watch-List of Defeated Legislation At Crossover

Legislative Records Show Distrust Of Auditor's Office Pre-dates Gallion's Tenure

House and Senate Miles Apart On Pension Reform

SB 2239 (Pension Bailout and Status Quo)

House Passes HB 1040 (Pension Reform)

HCR 3019 Attempts To Violate Constitution To Repeal and Replace Term Limits

House Gives Senate A "Buffet" Of Income Tax Cut Options

Press Release: Constitutional Amendment Introduced To Modernize Initiated Measures

Talk of the Town w/ Steve Bakken (February 17th, 2023)

The Silent Decade of Recession

Legislature Must Approve Governor Burgum’s Flat Tax Plan If It Passes A Flat Tax For Oil

Special Report: Financing Schemes Put The Legacy Fund In Danger

Property Tax Reforms Not Fairing Well So Far

The War On The Auditor's Office Heats Up

Two House Votes Shows The Difficulty In Getting Significant Tax Reform To Pass

How do we protect the state constitution, protect citizen rights, and North Dakota traditions?

KFYR Watchdog Wednesday February 8th, 2023

Property Tax Reform Update: Committee Accepts Amendments, Work Remains

Burleigh County Addresses Budget Snafu, But Questions Remain

The Week Ahead & Current Watchlist

How can North Dakota attract business and investment by treating everything "out-of-state" as evil?

NTU: Grave Constitutional Concerns about ND’s Proposed Tax on Out-of-State Political Money

Senate Committee Passes Huge Expansion of Renaissance Zone Program

Urgent: Help Needed On Mobile Home Property Tax Reform

Committee Says No To Price Controls On Prescription Drugs

Audio: DSU Professor Updates Public On Open Records and Tenure Bills

SB 2391 Renaissance Zone Expansion Full Testimony

Powers Reserved To The People

Video: HB 1328 Committee Work

Unreasonable Renaissance Zone Bill Threatens The Reasonable Approach

School Is Mandatory, School Lunches Should Be Too

The Week Ahead (January 30th, 2023)

Weekly Round-Up for Week Ending January 27th, 2023

Don't Make Tax Cuts "Us vs. Them"

KFYR: Discussing Burleigh County's Budget Situation

KFYR: Discussing The Latest Attack On Initiated Measures

Episode 4: Government Is Terrible At Business

Senate Passes Latest WAWS Bailout; Admits Failure

Kudos To Senator Ron Sorvaag For Admitting The WAWS Industrial Sales Model Failed

Where does the public's money go when a project falls apart?

State's Handling of ESG Policy Is Inconsistent

Audio: Ground Hog Day On Initiated Measures

The Annual Attack On The "Powers Reserved To The People" Has Begun

The Local vs. State Battle On Property Taxes

Audio: DSU Professor Speaks Out

News and Views: Whistleblowers and Property Taxes

Talk of the Town: Burleigh County Budget Issues

Why do some legislators want to keep school board election financing secret?

The Week Ahead (January 23rd, 2023)

Is there a legislative agenda to silence whistleblowers at Dickinson State University?

Bailing-Out Republican Socialism

KFYR Watchdog Wednesday

Press Release: Watchdog Requests AG Review Of Possible Open Meeting Violation

Support Property Tax Reform For Mobile Home Parks

KFYR Kafe Segment On Property Tax Reform

Video: The Property Tax Discussion Governor Burgum Should Want

SB 2031 Full Hearing Testimony

Watchdog Watchlist for Week of January 15th, 2023

Jason Spiess: ND Introduces ESG Awareness Bill (HB 1347)

The Fight For Pension Reform Begins

State Senator Dick Dever Opposing Pension Reform

Representative Jim Kasper on Pension Reform Bills

House Majority Leader Mike Lefor Makes The Case For Pension Reform

Video: Pension Reform Bills (Full Video)

NTU: North Dakota's Price Control Bill Threatens Prescription Drug Access

Video: When A Republican Opposes Tax Cuts

Audio and Video: Discussing Income Tax and Property Tax

HB 1158 - House Finance and Tax Committee Hearing

Bismarck City Commission Special Assessment Policy Discussion

Discussion with Bismarck School Board President, Jon Lee

Alert: Guest Hosting KFYR Kafe This Afternoon

Bill Would End Anonymous Open Record Requests

2023 Legislative Hearings - Week of January 9th, 2023

Bill Tracking List As Of January 9th, 2023

Audio: KFYR's Watchdog Wednesday for January 4th, 2023

Reaction to Governor 's State of the State Address

Episode 3: Price Controls and Republican Socialism