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Episode 4: Government Is Terrible At Business

Jason Spiess and Dustin Gawrylow discuss the failure of WAWS, possible end to the DGC Hydrogen Project, and why Shark Tank ND will likely end up being a waste.

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Dustin Gawrylow
Content Creation & Admin
A joint venture between Jason Spiess and Dustin Gawrylow. A short-form 20 minute reoccurring podcast discussing the news of the day in North Dakota and beyond.
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In this episode we discuss the state’s inconsistent ESG policy:

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
State's Handling of ESG Policy Is Inconsistent
This week the main bill (HB 1429) looking to boycott companies that use ESG (Environmental Social Governance) as a metric for investing or banking. The video testimony is worth a watch if you have the time. Yesterday’s news from Governor Doug Burgum about hiring TV-investment celebrity Kevin O’Leary to help North Dakota invest in private companies is a prime example…
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ESG University
Kevin O'Leary & Gov Doug Burgum's Wonder Fund Is Absolutely Wonderful For North Dakota's Acceptance of ESG
It appears North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and Commerce Commissioner Josh Teigen are going full steam ahead with the ESG Movement despite the state legislature introducing several “ESG Boycott” bills with more boycott bill filings rumored to come…
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Whether the state can ever see a benefit or its money back from the possible defunct Hydrogen Project:

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Where does the public's money go when a project falls apart?
Those who have followed my writing on what I have called Governor Burgum’s Green New Deal and the efforts to bailout the coal industry from onerous federal regulations, know that we are not advocating for either of these approaches - but rather to just let the market sort it out and be prepared either way…
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ESG University
Basin Electric Rejects Bakken Energy's Offer For Acquisition
Did the state of North Dakota just spend tens or hundreds of millions on another clean energy boondoggle? Yesterday, our ESG University Studio Inbox was filled with Basin Electric Power Cooperative reject Bakken Energy emails and questions. Everything from investigate now to finger-pointing corruption to flat out confusion on where did the millions of…
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And how critics of the Western Area Water Supply are being proven right:

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Senate Passes Latest WAWS Bailout; Admits Failure
Watch now (7 min) | On Tuesday, the North Dakota State Senate passed SB 2196 which is the latest bailout bill for the Western Area Water Supply. This was fast-tracked out of committee the day testimony was taken. The noteworthy speech on the Senate floor was that of Senator Ron Sorvaag pointing out that the legislature forgave $74 million worth of WAWS loans last session, and he also admitted that the entire Industrial Water Sales model has failed…
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