Mar 31 • 2HR 53M

Audio: Guest Hosting On WDAY w/ Ed Schafer and Jason Spiess

Yesterday, Jay Thomas had me fill in for him on this AM970 WDAY afternoon show. Former Governor Ed Schafer and The Crude Life & host Jason Spiess joined me for the three hour show.

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Dustin Gawrylow
Content Creation & Admin
A joint venture between Jason Spiess and Dustin Gawrylow. A short-form 20 minute reoccurring podcast discussing the news of the day in North Dakota and beyond.
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For the first hour and a half, Ed Schafer joined us. We discussed the troubles in the legislature right now trying to get real tax reform to pass the Senate, the state’s economic development strategy, and we also discussed the way the Republican and Democratic Parties have changed and what needs to be done to fix politics in America (and if that is even possible at this point).

In the second half of the show, Jason Spiess and I dug deeper into the situation with North Dakota’s Shark Tank Strategy, as well as discussing the governor’s veto of the 80 MPH speed limit bill, and the House passing the primary seat belt bill.

And we took plenty of calls during the show!

Thanks to Jay Thomas and WDAY for asking me to fill in for him, and to Ronnie for keeping us on track during the show!