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Talk of the Town: Burleigh County Budget Issues

On Friday, January 20th, 2023, I appeared on Steve Bakken's Talk of the Town Radio Show on AM1270 SuperTalk to discuss the fiasco at the Burleigh County Commission.

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We spoke about the breaking news regarding the Burleigh County Commission.

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Press Release: Watchdog Requests AG Review Of Possible Open Meeting Violation
Watch now (4 min) | This afternoon I submitted following request for the North Dakota Attorney General to review recent activities of the Burleigh County Commission. Attorney General Wrigley, I am writing you today regarding concerns I have with a special meeting of the Burleigh County Commission that was held Friday, January 13th at 1:30pm…
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As well as the bill I am pushing to reform the tax treatment of mobile home parks.

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Support Property Tax Reform For Mobile Home Parks
Watch now (29 min) | This morning, the House Finance and Tax Committee heard testimony on House Bill 1328, which intends to change the tax treatment of Mobile Home Parks from commercial to residential. (See video above.) This is the second-front in a two-front battle that includes pushing the Bismarck City Commission to use its discretion to treat mobile home parks as residential rather than commercial. (I am pursuing a state law change so that the law is applied uniformly across the state…
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Radio Alert:

This morning at 10:35 (January 24th, 2023) I will be visiting with Joel Heitkamp on his show on AM790 KFGO in Fargo. Listen live here.

Topics to be discussed are the new scandal at Dickinson State University.

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Is there a legislative agenda to silence whistleblowers at Dickinson State University?
Previously, I wrote about House Bill 1198 would “require an individual who requests an open record to provide the individual's name and contact information,” and how this is a huge departure from current law and policy. That bill is sponsored by Representative Mike Lefor, Representative Vicky Steiner, and Senator Dean Rummel - the entire District 37 delegation from Dickinson…
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And a quick rundown of the session so far.