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Is the State Senate Holding Tax Cuts Hostage?

"If we walk away from this session and we can't come to an agreement on a tax package, God help us." - House Finance and Taxation Chairman Craig Headland

The fight over this session’s approach to cutting taxes seems to have reached a stalemate, and the prospect that taxpayers could walk away with nothing seems to be increasing by the day.

On March 30th, I wrote about how the Senate was making a power-play move with HB 1158 to remove the Flat Tax Reform features of the original bill, and inject a continuation of the failed property tax buydown program that has been funded to the tune of $7 billion over the last 13 years with no one very happy with the results.

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Senate "Hoghouses" Tax Reform Bill
It appears in the last 10 days, something has drastically changed since Senator Majority Leader David Hogue went on TV and said that the Senate would end up with a hybrid property tax and income tax plan that included some form of a Flat Income Tax…
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This is despite the fact that Senate Majority Leader David Hogue had previously stated on video he believed that the end result would be a combination of a flat tax and property tax buydown.

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Senate Leader: Hybrid Of Flat Tax And Property Tax Buy-Downs Likely
Watch now (5 min) | In the video above, we get an update from Senate Majority Leader David Hogue outlining what he believes will be the tax reform/relief plan to come out of the 2023 session. In summary, Senator Hogue says: On income tax, it will be a scaled-down flat tax plan where the first bracket is eliminated, with the income in that bracket exempted and income beyond t…
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Since March 30th, the HB 1158 conference committee has had nine (9) meetings and has struggled to get off the starting block.

Yesterday, a sheet of new options was submitted to the committee, but not discussed that much.

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