Video: Interviewing Grover Norquist on BEK-TV

Gary Emineth asked me to fill in for him on his Legislature Today show on Thursday.

Apr 14, 2023
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I interview Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform specifically regarding the proposed “Flat Tax With A Path To Zero” that Governor Burgum and Republican Leadership proposed last year, but it has hit a brick wall in the Senate during the conference committee.

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Senate "Hoghouses" Tax Reform Bill
It appears in the last 10 days, something has drastically changed since Senator Majority Leader David Hogue went on TV and said that the Senate would end up with a hybrid property tax and income tax plan that included some form of a Flat Income Tax…
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We also talked about the dynamics of other states with heavily Republican legislatures and how it often times is not much easier to pass broadbased tax reform just because Republicans are in charge.

North Dakota's Watchdog Update
Legislature Must Approve Governor Burgum’s Flat Tax Plan If It Passes A Flat Tax For Oil
Yesterday, the House voted 72-21 to eliminate the oil tax trigger. From the Bismarck Tribune: “The state House of Representatives voted 72-21 on Thursday to approve House Bill 1286, which would abolish a requirement that oil producers pay a heftier tax rate when the commodity’s price hits high levels. The bill will head to the Senate…
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Let your legislators on the bills you support broad-based tax reform in North Dakota about by clicking here. Reference HB 1158 and the Flat Tax in your message.


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