Support Property Tax Reform For Mobile Home Parks

HB 1328 is a small but meaningful step towards property tax reform, specifically for the treatment of trailer parks.

This morning, the House Finance and Tax Committee heard testimony on House Bill 1328, which intends to change the tax treatment of Mobile Home Parks from commercial to residential. (See video above.)

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Bismarck City Commission Special Assessment Policy Discussion
Watch now (25 min) | In the above video, you will see a discussion of the formalization of existing special assessment policy - followed by a discussion I requested of the commission regarding treatment of mobile home parks for the purposes of special assessments. Click here to read the packet documents regarding this issue…
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This is the second-front in a two-front battle that includes pushing the Bismarck City Commission to use its discretion to treat mobile home parks as residential rather than commercial. (I am pursuing a state law change so that the law is applied uniformly across the state.

The committee seemed receptive to the concept, and asked the opposition to work out a compromise to address their concerns with the bill (the language drafted by the legislative council may not be the exact intent of the bill.

To show your support for this concept of treating mobile home park owners, and their residents who ultimately pay the bill, send a message to your legislators in support of HB 1328 by clicking here.


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