Press Release: Watchdog Requests AG Review Of Possible Open Meeting Violation

This afternoon I submitted following request for the North Dakota Attorney General to review recent activities of the Burleigh County Commission.

Attorney General Wrigley,

I am writing you today regarding concerns I have with a special meeting of the Burleigh County Commission that was held Friday, January 13th at 1:30pm.

I have attached three PDFs on this matter.  

1) My correspondence with Burleigh County Auditor since Monday, January 16th.

2) His response with some financial documentation.

3) A very short non-detailed set of "minutes" that do not address some of the topics I know to have been discussed (I have talked to multiple commissioners seeking information on what they talked about).

I also have a clip of video from the January 18th meeting where one commissioner asked if the January 13th meeting had been recorded.  That commissioner indicated the answer in the room was no. (see above)

It is my sincere belief based on the information provided by more than one commissioner that the meeting discussed more than what was on the agenda, that there was not proper notice to the public, and that the reporting of what was discussed is not being made to the public and it at best incomplete.

I request an expedited review of this matter as this issue involves finances and whether the county is in a position to make a decision on an expensive renovation of a building.

Thank you in advance!

- Dustin Gawrylow