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Carbon Pipeline Backlash Is Overwhelming Local Officials

Local officials are dealing with the public outrage related to the proposed CO2 pipeline - but the legislative and statewide officials that talk about "local control" are nowhere to be found.

Burleigh County Planning Commission Holds 5-Hour Long Hearing, Concludes No Matter What They Do They Will Get Sued And The State Will Back The Corporation

When citizens look to the government, they expect the government to be able to represent their interests. People assume that by paying their taxes and being productive members of society their elected officials will listen and do something to protect them.

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Public Health, Eminent Domain, Pipeline Explosions and Summit Carbon's Ruthless Behavior Discussed at Public Meeting
Watch now (97 min) | Concerned citizens showed up in droves at the Burleigh County Commission Meeting (BCCM) Feb 6, 2023 to protest the proposed Summit Carbon Solutions pipelin…
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The proposed Carbon Summit Solutions CO2 pipeline is causing chaos for local governments and local officials, yet state leaders seem to just want to pretend there is no problem and leave local elected officials hanging out to dry.

Case in point, on March 8th, 2023 the Burleigh County Planning Commission, which includes two county commissioners, the mayor of Bismarck, a city commissioner, and members of the public appointed by both commissions held a 5-hour long hearing to discuss how to craft a zoning ordinance.

The short version of this meeting was that:

  1. No matter what Burleigh C…

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