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Audio: Watchdog Wednesday Property Tax Debate

Audio: Watchdog Wednesday Property Tax Debate

Former state representative Dr. Rick Becker discuss/debate current state representative Mike Motschenbacher over Becker's latest attempt to abolish property taxes in North Dakota.

Yesterday on the KFYR Kafe, we had a lively caller-driven discussion about eliminating property tax in North Dakota. It took up both hours, you can listen to the whole thing above.

Thanks to those of you who called in and helped move the discussion along.

As the petition process goes along, we are sure to have more discussions on this issue - especially if it makes the ballot.

What do you think?


For Those Interested In Getting Involved

The North Dakota Watchdog Network is not directly involved with the effort at this point, but we know that many of our supporters/readers are and would like to know what to do to help.

You can read, or start collecting signatures for this petition by clicking here, downloading the petition, and printing it out.

Remember the petitions will need to be notarized, and you can mail them to the chairman of the measure committee’s address on the packet.

***You cannot sign your own petition packet.***

You can also follow their Facebook page and connect with the organizers directly by clicking here:


North Dakota's Watchdog Update
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